Ames Arctica


Hayley Martens, Reporter

Spring is right around the corner, and that means breaking out cooler clothes and going outside to enjoy the weather. But when taking a look indoors at Ames High, the majority of people are in sweaters and pants, arms crossed from the cold. The air conditioning inside Ames High seems to be out of control. Could the frigid temps be effecting the learning environment?


Sophomore Julia Hansen says, “During the school day all I can think about is going home and curling up with a blanket in front of a fire.”  That kind of distraction obviously can’t help one learn about the different kinds of dermis, when all you can think about is your own arms are covered in goosebumps.


Another issue students face is choosing seasonally appropriate outfits while still trying to stay comfortable and shiver free.

“Students have a hard time picking out what to wear in the end months of the school year because it’s hot outside and cold inside. So students have to wear jeans when it’s 80 degrees otherwise they’ll freeze,” said Junior Ashlyn Neppl.



Maybe it’s not just the AC causing the icy conditions. The air could possibly be from the students themselves!

“Maybe if the souls of Ames high were a little more warm hearted we wouldn’t be struggling through the second ice age,” said Sophomore Rachel Junck. Now if that isn’t cause for some concern I don’t know what is!


For now, the best the students of Ames High can do is layer on the clothes and hope that one day the air conditioning will break. But until that day arrives just remember, there are no school rules forbidding the use of blankets.