How to prepare for AP exams


Maddie Funk, Staff Reporter

Sitting in class today, I realized just how close AP exams actually are. This got me thinking about some strategies that are crucial for getting that easy 5 that you want. Even more crucial than some crucial chicken tendies. There are many methods for studying, and this is the one i prefer to take.

When you hit the 3 week mark until exams, the stress starts to come in. Around this time, I would highly recommend starting a new show on Netflix. Personally, I would recommend a show like 90210. At least when you think about exams, you know that your grades will still be better than these peoples acting careers.

After getting to season 2 of your new show, some ice cream or carb loaded food will probably hit the spot. I would go for some pizza rolls or some half-baked Ben and Jerry’s. After years of hearing people stress over AP tests, a common way of “studying” is apparently laying in bed and crying. I prefer to lay back and watch everyone else freak out over these tests as I wait to stress until the week before. Once that hits, I know I am actually screwed because I did no actual studying. At this point, I will choose to gather with friends and attempt to get some studying done in the midst of our sobs. Jokes aside, I actually do prefer to study with friends at the library and go through notes with them.

I have never actually taken an AP exam before this year so if you are searching for some real study tips this may not be the most reliable source. I imagine that I will enter the test as a girl, and leave as a women. Just try not to over stress and lose sleep. Maybe make some flash cards, that will probably help.