High schoolers need to chill on politics


Tyler Gross, Online Editor

Politics. When some high schoolers hear this word they immediately want to move the conversation to something more interesting. However, when others hear this word, a 30 minute argument with people forcing their opinions down each other’s throats ensues. With the presidential election heating up, so are people’s opinions. This is why I, along with many others ask you as nice as possible, to give it a rest.

There’s no need to prove to somebody that your political knowledge is far superior than theirs. There’s no need to constantly throw your opinion in people’s faces. And there’s certainly no need to degrade others just because they don’t believe the same thing as you.

It’s a good idea for our high schoolers to be educated on politics. I just recommend that you educate yourself somewhat before you get into debates with other high schoolers.

I’d encourage everyone to take US Government in order to educate themselves further. It’s a great thing that we live in a country where even an 18 year old still in high school can have a voice in our nation’s government. I also think that could get to some people’s heads that they can influence the government and give them a false sense of power. Your opinion matters yes, but allow other people to keep theirs as well. I’m not saying that you can’t be interested in politics, or that you can’t formulate and have your own opinions.

The purpose of this article is to ask all of you as nicely as possible to keep your opinions at least somewhat quiet. I don’t care that you watched the debate last night and are outraged at what Trump said.

The worst part is when people say, “I’m allowed to have my opinion and be interested in politics,” yet for some reason people constantly get into arguments because they don’t have the same opinion.

If you’re entitled to your own opinion, then don’t go biting somebody else’s head off because they don’t agree with you. They can have their own opinion too.