Rebekah Wilson is a hard to miss sophomore


Hayley Martens, Social media editor

Rebekah Wilson is a hard to miss sophomore. From cheering on the track at football games, performing at the basketball halftimes, and being involved in clubs Rebekah is a busy bee.

Last week, Rebekah and her other Drill Team members competed at State. They placed 2nd in Hoopla, Novelty and Show Pro, and placed top 10 in Pom.

“Since this was my first year being on drill team it was startling how long of a day State was. At 4:30 am we woke up and met at the school to practice until 7:00 am, then we headed off for Wells Fargo to compete. We performed and practiced all day, and then at the awards ceremony we placed the best the drill team has ever done,” Rebekah said.

When asked what her favorite routine to perform she said, “(at State) We started the day with our pom routine which is my favorite routine. It’s super energetic and fun, and our performance was the best it had ever been.”

““I loved all the memories I made with my whole team and wouldn’t have traded them for anything,” she added.

Even though cheer is not in season, memories of their intense conditioning still lurk in the back of Rebekah’s mind.

“Lots of people don’t think cheer is a hard sport but I would definitely disagree. Everyday at cheer we conditioned for about 45 minutes before practice. It was one of the hardest 45 minutes of my life,” Rebekah half-joked,

December 1st Rebekah went to a conference for student council to learn how to be a better leader in her school and community.

“The whole conference was about talking to kids from other schools. We met them and learned about their lives and created relationships,” Rebekah said.

Recently Rebekah cut off over 10 inches of her hair to donate to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for children with cancer. For people that have long hair, or that have had 1 too many bad haircuts know that chopping that much can be slightly terrifying.

“My hair was a big part of me but I couldn’t be happier to donate to Locks of Love for someone who actually needed it,” Rebekah said.

Rebekah uses her free time to cuddle with her dog Paddington, eat brownies with friends and watch Netflix. Her heart of gold and smile to match makes us say, “Rebekah? Heck yeah”.