Here’s Something to Snicker(doodle) About

Heres Something to Snicker(doodle) About

Sonja Paulson, Web Reporter

There are many cookies in the world. Unfortunately, many go unnoticed and under appreciated. It is a shame that these cookies are unappreciated because they have so much to give to the world. All they want to do is please people’s taste buds but are never given the chance.

Snickerdoodles are by far the most underrated and under-appreciated cookie of them all. They are not popular, so they are easily forgotten. The thing is, they should not be forgotten. They are too delicious and I pity anyone who has never had the pleasure to put that heavenly cookie in their mouth.

There are too many cookies that are hyped up. Those wafer cookies that you get at Hickory Park are a disgrace to the cookie name, and they aren’t even good. Chocolate chip cookies are classic and they always will be but, they really aren’t that good.


To give snickerdoodles the attention they deserve, we all must come together to start a snickerdoodle revolution. Instead of bringing Oreos to your next homeroom, bring snickerdoodles. Rather than eating a healthy after school snack, eat snickerdoodles. If each person does something little to acknowledge snickerdoodles, it can lead to something big. This revolution may seem like a small step for man, but it will be a huge step for snickerdoodle kind.