Best Bathroom at AHS


Sonja Paulson, Features and Profiles Editor

There are many questions involving Ames High, but here is one of the biggest questions: what Ames High bathroom is the best?

When looking at the bathrooms, there are some bathrooms that would obviously not be it. For example, the bathroom MIT Hall. The bathroom in that hallway is small, poorly lit, and the whole room is covered in grungy blue tiles. When thinking about the bathrooms and which one would be the best, I thought of some basic criteria. Which bathroom has the best lighting, most space, best smell, most central, and does it have a body mirror? As I thought of all the bathrooms that fit this criteria, I came down to two options: the bathroom by Mr. Sullivan’s room and the bathroom in the basement.

Let’s first talk about the bathroom by Mr. Sullivan’s room. I think it’s safe to say that that bathroom easily fits all the criteria but one, it is not central at all. If I really have to go to the bathroom, I do not have the time to go all the way across the school just to use the prettiest bathroom. That is why the bathroom in the basement (though it is not as good as the bathroom in Mr. Sullivan’s hallway), is the best bathroom. The bathroom does fit all the criteria, and it is central enough to where most students could use it if they didn’t like the other bathrooms. A plus to the basement bathroom is that it isn’t used much, merely because there’s not many classrooms by it.

If anyone here doubts me on whether the basement bathroom is the best, go try it out. You will see that the basement bathroom is where it’s at.