In The Defense of The Prius

In The Defense of The Prius

Hayley Martens, Campus Life Editor

Let me just start this out with a statement. The Prius is the best car out there. Really. When you see your friend’s prius zipping down the road to pick you up you know it’s going to be a fun adventure and a real steal. Maybe you only have $5 for gas? Don’t sweat it! You can still get where you need to go! Ever try to race a Prius? Would recommend! c

With its impeccable turning radius, power mode button to increase speed, ability to never run out of gas and flashy outer body, you can’t lose!

 This appears to sound like a joke I’m sure, but I must confess in all honesty it is a stellar cruising machine.

Now, The Prius gets a bad rap, for being a “lemon” a “sissy” car or god forbid the term “a pile of junk.” I am here to put those rumors to rest! In my day I have been a proud driver of two Priuses, neither have ever in my mind been anything but spectacular!

Personally, the big pros for me are Power Mode, bluetooth technology, fantastic gas mileage, and the back up beeper, let me explain why. The power mode can take your average run of the mill drive into a speed race, that would give your car obsessed uncle the shivers. This works by reducing the battery and increasing the gas consumed by the car for maximum speed. Bluetooth technology is common in cars now, but still great! Who doesn’t love wireless jams? Play hot-potato with your phone in the car! No fear of getting tangled with the cord! Let us just take a moment to gasp at the gas milage, the 2016 Prius can get up to 58 mpg in the city. Tell me you can get that in your civic. (because you can’t). But the best feature of all, is the back up camera and beeper. The camera is nothing to call your mom over but the beeper certainly is. Picture the most annoying beeping sound in the world. Now multiply it by 10. Next go into the settings and try to turn it off, found the off button? Perfect, now click it over and over. It won’t work, now you must come to terms with the beeping. Maybe break it down to the beat or blink with the rhythm, just accept it. The beeping is part of you now.

Unfortunately, there are a few cons, not many but a few. A big one is the looks you get when you drive by. Everyone will notice you as you cruise by, some may point, some may laugh but it’s ok, you learn to live with the attention. Secondly is the silence. Do you dream of revving your engine? Sorry to crush your hopes. The Prius is virtually silent, and it’s completely silent under 5 mph, tested and approved. Every winter or anytime there is any other weather besides bright, sunny and clear skies prepare to slide everywhere. I added this in the cons because many categorize this as a fear, but I on the other hand love the adrenaline rush of trying to keep my car on the road.

Now for a real fact to further convince you to accept a Prius into your family. To get to the moon in a prius would cost $8,237 in comparison the honda civic would cost $15,413, now this is assuming gas is $2 per gallon and there is no bulk price deals and that there is a road with the same forces as on earth from the earth’s crust to the rocky surface of the moon. I’d say that’s big monetary save! Back to the earth now folks! There is no greater feeling in the world than passing a massive souped up trunk in a little partially battery powered car. Get passed by a Prius, get rekt.