Yoga Club Restart

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

As students begin to hit the slump of the school year, it is hard to find something to look forward to and keep occupied. But don’t worry, your life just got a little more exciting. With yoga club restarting, there is no better way to unwind in the company of others in a relaxing atmosphere. Lead and created by seniors Emma VanRyswyk and Hayley Martens, Yoga Club is perfect for blowing off steam and de-stressing after a hard day of school. The club was started last year and had a surprising turnout for such a new club. The creative idea for this club proved to be very successful and liked by many Ames High Students who are all excited for it to start once again.

“As a way to relax and unwind during a stressful school year, I’m so excited to restart! I’ve missed it so much and I hope that other people are as excited as I am. Last time was really good, we had a great turnout and I think people really enjoyed the club,” says Emma VanRyswyk. After a semester of leading a successful club, Emma and Hayley are excited to delve back in and promote relaxation throughout the high school again.

Nicole Cho, a Junior and avid member of Yoga Club, shares her experience in the club, “Yoga club was the best experience of my life! You get to meet so many great and new people! Join yoga club because how else are you going to stay in shape and get that beach bod in time for the summer?”

There is no better way to end the school day than with Yoga Club. In addition to relaxation, the club also has stylish and comfy merchandise available. Join this experience with fellow yogees every Wednesday after school at 3:15 in room 229.