Don’t Worry About It


Hayley Martens, Campus Life Editor

I remember thinking freshman year before school started that I didn’t care how badly I did in my classes, I just didn’t want to get lost. The high school seemed like this big scary place. Regardless of my fevered prayers I did get lost, but I overcame my fear.

I’ve learned a lot in my four years here, in classes but just as much about people and myself. Here are a few things I learned: Being in every club in the school doesn’t matter at all. Don’t do a bazillion things because you think you can only get into college if your extracurriculars are loaded. Freshman year will be terrible in retrospect. Sophomore year won’t matter. You will survive Junior year. Please relax Senior year, actually just relax for all four years, you’ll be fine. I learned that it’s not quantity of friends you have but the quality. If people are toxic to your happiness do yourself a favor and cut them out, you don’t need them. It doesn’t matter how good that tv show is, or how badly you have to study, sleep. Everything is better after a good 8 hours. Nothing ever seems as dire, dramatic or life changing after sleeping. Join Ames High Web, if you like writing or even sorta like it you will enjoy this class, it’s been one of my favorites at Ames High. Remember no one cares. No one cares what you wear, who you talk to, and what you do. Just do what you want and what makes you happy.

I’ve lived my last few years based on some phrases, “Don’t worry about it”,”Flow with the go”, “I’ll make it work” and “Minimal effort maximum reward”.Relaxing is essential to making it through.

Make sure you can see past high school, it’s just four years for good or bad. Things that are a big deal won’t be, mistakes you make and the occasional bad grade won’t drag on your heart in the future. Have fun. Spend time with people who truly make you laugh, take a chill pill and enjoy these four years where nothing really matters.