A Dollar No More


Queen Victoria, Opinion Editor

It had been several month since the first whispers of a new movie theatre. Day after day as I was taking the salon’s trash out I would try to peer beyond the brown deli paper that covered the glass doors. Then one night, to my excitement, a poster topped the paper announcing the open house and grand opening of North Grand Cinema Ames’s Independent Luxury Theatre.

On the evening of November 30th, I took my customary fifteen minute break to tour the new theatre. They were giving out free sample of their popcorn and craft sodas. I chose to try their pineapple craft soda. And to my surprise it was wonderful. In addition to soda, popcorn, and candy they also serve various different wine and beers. Plans for a kitchen, where more dinner type foods can be prepared and sold, are also in the works.

Gone are the arcade games and standing in their place is a ten foot tall mural of a medieval stone castle like building. The red and purple color scheme of the past is gone and replacing it is and earth toned interior with a brown, gold, and turquoise carpet. Brown leather arm chairs surround the fireplace where attendees can sit and warm themselves as they wait for their movie to begin.

The screening rooms themselves haven’t changed much. The flooring was a bit different but not noticeably. The fabric plannaled walls, although different colors are still the same. One massive difference are the seats. Gone are rough, scratchy, uncomfortable seats of the past, and in their place are large, plush, leather recliners that recline. The best part is that the seats recline for you. No forcing yourself back or pushing of heavy levers, reclining the seats is as simply as pushing a button.

Overall this was a wonderful experience and I plan on attending many more movies at this new Movie theatre. I can’t wait to see what other amenities this theatre plans on providing in the future.