Is HQ Trivia Real?


Liam Struck, Reporter

We all miss the beloved app Vine, the app who gave sanction to more than 40 million users. Co-founders of Vine, Dan Hoffman and Colin Kroll, after shutting it down created a trivia game called HQ. HQ streams twice a day once at 2 pm and again at 8 pm. The concept is that each player is asked 12 questions, the same questions for every player by host Scott Rogowsky. The further you progress the more abstract the questions get. On a game HQ trivia recently achieved a player base of  1.2 million people, 10 thousand dollars between 400 winners, accumulating a measly  $24.45 a piece.

Rus Yusupov has recently come under fire for remarks concerning HQ Trivia host Scott Roskosky and “The Daily Beast” (a media outlet). “The Daily Beast” were planning on doing a profile on Scott Roskosky detailing what his life after fame has been like. The altercation occurred when Yusupov caught wind of this article and immediately attempted to shut it down even though it did not concern him or the company as a whole. He wrote an email to the Daily Beast entailing that if the article gets published that he will terminate host Scott Roskosky from the company. One of the more ludacris objections Yusupov made was concerning Scott mentioning that he enjoyed eating SweetGreen salad in the interview, “Scott said that despite the attention, he’s still able to walk down the street and order his favorite salad from Sweetgreen without being accosted, he cannot say that! We do not have a brand deal with Sweetgreen! Under no circumstances can he say that.”

But one of the founders being a raging lunatic is the least of HQ Trivia’s fan base worries, because of some fine print lurking HQ’s terms of service: if the player does not make at least $20 dollars, the company does not legally have to cash out. Players not only have to win enough times to make the $20 dollars total, they have to do it in 90 days or the company still does not have to give the cash out. With HQ’s shady terms of service to one of their cofounders threatening to fire their most popular post over comments about a SweetGreen salad it makes one wonder… is HQ an alien conspiracy?