Lettuce Club


Petr Karpov, Reporter

As the clock reached 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the only sound that could be heard from Mrs. Brenneman’s room was the crunchy sound of lettuce consumption. Suddenly, just as the timer hit 3:41, the room was overcome with cheers of joy and sorrow as Sean Prell sprang to his feet in victory. Having just devoured a pound of lettuce at top speed, Prell was crowned both the winner and leader of Lettuce Club.

One of the most innovative and creative clubs at Ames High, Lettuce Club is best described as a gathering of speed eating lettuce enthusiasts. This club meets once a year and the winner each year takes on the responsibility of organizing and leading the club in the coming school year. Sean Prell’s victory as a sophomore–one of the biggest, yet most controversial overthrows in Lettuce Club history–earned him a rightful spot as the head of the 2018 Lettuce Club Regional Championship. “It was one of the most euphoric moments of my life,” said Sean Prell, reminiscing about his fateful victory. “When I heard ‘Sean you won’ I felt like I was in a dream.”

Prell plans on making this years meeting of Lettuce Club the best iteration yet. “I hope to make the club bigger,” expanded Prell. “Bring in more people, more competition.” This grand event will be taking place Tuesday, May 1st at 3:15 in Ms. Edster’s room. Lettuce Club is strictly BYOL (bring your own lettuce), but spectators are likewise encouraged to attend. If you do choose to participate however, the minimum lettuce requirement is one pound which–according to lettuce expert Sean Prell–is equivalent to about half a head of regular iceberg lettuce. Additionally, a variety of dressing is provided and water is allowed.

Although one of the most rare and sporadic organizations, Lettuce Club firmly holds a place in the legacy of Ames High School. “It means a lot to me; it’s my pride and joy” confessed Prell as his eyes teared up. “Lettuce Club is a way for the community to get together once a year and eat some lettuce.” So mark your calendars, prepare your pound of lettuce, and get ready for the competition of a lifetime.