Queen Victoria, Opinion Editor

… Are two words that describe the majority of my High School years. When I began to write this I was very frustrated and out for blood. I wanted to go for the jugular. Burn every bridge possibly and not look back, but, I am tired. Instead here is my version of an acceptance speech. Except instead of producers, directors, and actors, I will be thanking people who were and are important to me. Just because I know y’all are catty these are in no particular order and I know I am forgetting someone but whatever.

I would first like to thank Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. If you know me well you will know that I am a staunch Monarchist. So thank you Queen Elizabeth. Thank you for being a constant in my life. Many of you don’t realize the value of having someone that you know is alway there. I look forward to the day I can jump the pond, leaving the colonies behind, and become one of your loyal subjects.

Second I would like to thank Bridget, who has guarded the old main office for some years now. Thank you for always giving me all the information, when I needed it. You made my job as Photo Editor for the Yearbook so much easier.

Third I would like to thank Ms.Torkildson for letting me eat in your class and inspiring my interests in the cosmos.

Fourth I would like to thank Frau Deam for inspiring me to follow german all the way through my senior year.

Fifth I would like to thank Caitlyn Jenner. I must admit you inspired me to be who I am and live truly and authenticity. I just finished your autobiography and it opened my eyes and inspired me more.

Sixth I would like to thank Kirstin Sullivan for teaching at Ames High School. Your immense dedication to your students and your wealth of knowledge, I feel are under appreciated. You impart so such wisdom and kindness on your students

Seventh I would like to thank another Sullivan, Aileen. Thank you for being a great role model and not taking crap from anyone. And making Chemistry fun and exciting.

Eighth I would like to thank Herr Reichart. Thank you for not only teaching me german, but also teaching me german history and culture. And for letting me be apart of the exchange on many different levels.

Ninth I would like to thank Mrs.V. She is not only one of the most dedicated, but one of the most passionate teachers, who is truly dedicated to her students.

Tenth I would like to thank Mr. Webb. Our relationship cannot be summed up in 30 words. But thank you for letting me watch Dynasty during yearbook junior year.

Eleventh I would like to thank Darin Johnson. Thank you for truly caring about me. Even when I was obnoxious, loud, and swore like a sailor. And thank you for not telling anybody about that one time I *allegedly* threw a textbook at a certain someone. You have been so terribly important to the development of me as a person.

Next I would like to thank my dear friend Jordyn, who never got mad at me. Even when I called her a snake in front of our entire german class.

Twelveth I would like to thank Princess Diana. Although we are so different, I can relate to you on so many levels. Especially on certain elements of our childhood.

Thirteenth I would like to thank my fairy god-mothers Julanne and Sandy. You let me cry on your shoulders when I was sad and gave me advice when I needed it.

Fourteenth I would like to thank my cats. You want me to pet you and then you bite me, but your cute and take great pictures so thanks.

Fifteenth I would like to thank my dog Clay. Thank you for always loving me, even though I make you wear sweaters.

Sixteenth I would like to thank my Aunt Amy. Not only have you been the best aunt in the world but there were many times that you were also my best friend.

Seventeenth I would like to thank my grandparents. I often refer to them as my second parents because they spent so much time with me and love me so much. I could not be who I am today without them.

Finally I would like to thank Myself. Not to throw myself to big of a pity party but life wasn’t good many times. Sometimes it felt like crawling through hot glass shards but I survived. And you can too.