Tynan Shahidi’s Senior Column


Tynan Shahidi, Reporter

Senior year is finally coming to a close, the upcoming years are filled which such uncertainty that it’s nice to sit back and reflect on my past four years. I remember the first day of high school when I got yelled at by Spence in front of the entire 2018 class, if this is what high school was gonna be like I needed to grow up quickly. I got lucky my freshman year though, I had a great relationship with every coach I played for in football, basketball, to baseball. To be fair my dad was a coach in two of those sports, but My Dad, Coach Bappe, Coach (Shawn) Peterson, Coach Flumm, Coach Papin, and Coach Steines really paved the way for me. All of them have taken time to work with me as an individual and pushed me to be the best player and person I could be. I thank them a lot for getting me ready for the rest of my high school careers and beyond.

When you’re the youngest of three brothers that have already been through Ames High that makes it easier than most. The hallways are easier to get through and a lot of the teachers already knew my name, which sometimes is good sometimes is bad. I encourage others to try new classes from the normal, I for one have done three semesters of Advanced Journalism (The Web), and four years of German. Any interest you may have definitely make an attempt to pursue it. Now as a senior I’d have to say German and Advanced Journalism are the two best classes I take.

Going from sophomore to junior year is really when it starts to set in that you’re an adult. Being an upperclassmen you have more freedom and trust, (yet we still get our freaking phones taken away). Having a driver’s license, and going out on open lunches with the boys is all fun and games, but learn to save money and not going out to eat everyday. Someone’s house and taking all their food, is always the best bet. Save your money to buy other needed things during lunch, save some money for Panch though.

I don’t know what else I’m suppose to write in this senior column so I’m gonna write things that I liked to do in high school.

  • Baseball, basketball, wrestling, and football
  • iBall
  • Going to sporting events
  • Team bonding activities
  • Gallon challenges
  • Campouts
  • Trying out for sports that I’ve never played
  • Talking to Dr. Avise
  • Making missions
  • Going to parks around Ames
  • Pick up basketball
  • Soccer tennis

There is much more, Ames High is a great place to be and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.