Here’s the tea about Ames Boba.


Akshata Gandhe, Reporter

It has been a tiresome day and the only thing that you need is a refreshment. You reach out to grab the chilled drink and take a sip of the icy and flavorful milk and the flavor of tea just flows all in your mouth. You chew into the gummy boba’s sweet flavor and realize that this drink is all that you need after a stressful day.

The people of Ames were unaware of what boba was until a new place in Campus Town called TJ Cups opened. People fell in love with the amazing tea, the variety of drinks and the friendly staff. Recently two new places have opened in Ames that has become popular in the short time they have been running. Tea Time and 1+1 are the current favorites of all the people. They’re the perfect places for study groups, refreshment breaks or just a place to hang out!

For everyone that doesn’t know what Boba Tea is, it is a drink which contains small chewy, or soft pearls at the bottom. These pearls contain fruity flavors such as strawberry, mango, lychee, mint and a lot more. The pearls are often added to fresh tea to enhance the flavor of the tea. When you sip onto your tea, the freshness of the tea and boba combine and make your drink extra special. The two main types of Boba you can get are popping and the original chewy one. There are tons of tea flavors to choose from such as Black/green tea, mango, strawberry, honeydew, peach, passion fruit and a lot more.

1+1 is located on 2814 West St and is a brand new place for you to get fresh, quality tea. They have a wide range of milk teas, hot drinks, and slushies! What makes this place so unique is the taste of their tea and the personable staff. Every single drink on their menu contains fresh ingredients and has a very unique and original taste. They have different options for everyone, from decaffeinated tea to popping boba for people who don’t like the gumminess of boba. They were also the partial owners to the previous boba place, TJ Cups. 1+1 has the same, special taste for all of their drinks just like TJ Cups. There’s just something about the tea over here that makes you want more every time you visit. Another plus side is that they have also started their Chinese food takeout where they serve American-Chinese and authentic Chinese food. There are so many options for everyone, it is the perfect place for you to not only get tea but also get some quality Chinese food.  

Tea Time is the other place that has opened in the same place as TJ Cups. This was opened shortly after 1+1 was opened. It is located on Welsch Ave, in Campustown. People have fallen in love with the whole environment of Tea Time and the tea of course! The cozy and relaxing place is extremely popular among students for not only studying but also hanging out with friends. People are often seen playing Jenga with their friends while sipping on the tea and eating food. If you’re looking for a place to just chill with your friends then this is just the right choice for you. Tea Time is located at a pretty convenient place which makes it easier for people to visit.

Both of these are great places for you to visit. Although, I prefer the quality of tea over the environment. 1+1 has an exceptional taste to their tea and have managed to please so many people in so little time. If you don’t know which boba place is best for you, I would definitely suggest going to 1+1. However, if you are more of a Tea Time fan then you do you.