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Akshata Gandhe, Reporter

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“I don’t really remember it that well, but I know for a fact that for at least a year I thought I was Elvis. Like I genuinely believed that Elvis died and came back as me””

— Jason Vernon

Most of us have grown up watching High School Musical or have at least expected High School to be a tad bit like the movies. But in reality, we all know by now that that isn’t the case. Freshman year for most of us went by quickly and was quite hazy. However, freshman Jason Vernon has made it his life goal to enjoy every second of his life. It is important to him that he enjoys everything to the fullest because he knows that one day he is going to be sitting on Ellen’s couch, on her show, and remembering his golden high school days. There is a high possibility that he is either going to be very famous or become viral and then ultimately end up on Ellen.

Every person has a dream they hope to achieve one day. For Jason, this would be having his own talk show. “I love Ellen like you don’t understand, I want to become Ellen. But only after I go on her show,” said Jason. In a few years, catch him on your tv, sipping on some iced tea with a bunch of celebrities. People who know him can definitely see him doing this in the future.

You might know Jason from theatre, drama club, SHOUT, or dance. You might not know him but you must’ve heard his name for sure. His quirky and sassy personality makes him quite popular among his peers. A few of his hobbies include being happy and dancing. If you’re friends with him you know how spontaneous and energetic he is. When asked about his personality, a few of his close friends said that he is a sphere of energy and humor. He is known for spreading his positivity and cheerfulness among his close friends. In his world of sisters and enjoyment, Jason loves theatre. He began acting at the age of 9 and has continued to do so all these years. He has worked with multiple theatre groups and has also been part of several plays.

There was a time in Jason’s life when he thought that he was the reincarnation of Elvis Presley. “I don’t really remember it that well, but I know for a fact that for at least a year I thought I was Elvis. Like I genuinely believed that Elvis died and came back as me,” said Jason. However, after a while, he didn’t really like Elvis anymore so he didn’t want to be him anymore. “Then a couple years after, I figured out that Elvis wasn’t a great person and kinda whitewashed Rock and Roll,” said Jason.

“I love Mr. Gorman (2.0) like he’s such a chill and nice guy. He’d probably be my favorite teacher for now but I still love him,” said Jason when asked about his favorite Ames High teacher.

When not acting or dancing, Jason is seen bopping to some Ariana Grande or Britney Spears music. And when he is tired from doing that he might just pick up the remote and put on some good old Disney movies. “Lemonade Mouth and Sky High would be my favorites,” said Jason when asked about his favorite movie.

Before ending this, Jason has some advice for any incoming freshman that has doubts about high school. “High school isn’t much different from middle school. There’s just more tall people and different teachers. So you’re good,” said Jason.


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