The Great American Hypocrisy


Getty Images

An extremist hangs from the balcony of the Senate chambers.

This past fall, TikTok users had a fun time ruminating on the idea of storming Capitol Hill. These left-wing Generation Z teens created hour’s worth of satirical content for how they might act if Joseph R. Biden had lost the election. However, Biden became President-Elect Biden, and none of these ridiculous acts would come to fruition.

Until January 6, 2021, in which the opposing side of conservatives took the United States Capitol building by storm.

After having gathered in the streets of D.C on Wednesday morning to await the “March to Save America,” these Trump supporters became increasingly agitated (presumably following an incendiary speech by Trump which encouarged a march on the Capitol, John Ossoff’s (D) success in Georgia’ run-off elections, as well as Mike Pence’s affirmation of the presidential election results). They directed themselves to the National Mall and proceeded to break through 4 layers of security to reach Congress.

With nothing more than aggressive shoving and the use of profanity, these extremists bypassed the police, broke windows of Congress, climbed the scaffolding, and strode into the Senate chamber, forcing an evacuation of the nation’s lawmakers.

While viewing crowds of this size, it’s difficult not to be reminded of the Black Lives Matter protests throughout the country last year. However, there are glaring differences in both the actions of the protestors and the response by police. While some BLM protestors were responsible for rioting, the majority of their work was done through peaceful occupations of the streets. Yet, despite their attempts at non-violent action, these men and women were confronted with bottles of pepper spray, tear gas, police shields, and other forms of militarized force.

In June, the National Gaurd was deployed to stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to keep out protestors. In Januray, police took down barriers to allow extremists through.

In July, protestors were permitted by the city of New York to paint the words “Black Lives Matter” on Fifth Avenue. Trump described the phrase as a “symbol of hate.” Today, the windows of the U.S Capitol were smashed in and Trump’s response was: “We love you. You’re very special.

Over 100,000 people in the U.S were arrested during Black Lives Matter protests, some simply for standing on the street near the march. So far, only 52 arrests have been reported following the takeover of the Captiol, despite thousands being out past curfew.

The double standard presented by the President is not a matter of perspective. It is a matter of fact. The message is clear: violent repercussions are reserved for those who do not concede to Trump’s political agenda.

One can only hope (with justifiable certainty) that this hypocrisy will not take place following the upcoming exchange of power.

(For a more visual example of the discrepancy in police response, please check out this article.)