Hunger Banquet

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

Every year, SHEPH hosts the Hunger Banquet in order to raise money for those helpful volunteers travelling to Uganda to help the less fortunate. SHEPH is a club for students at Ames High to help end poverty and hunger throughout the world. The Hunger Banquet raises awareness to issues in developing countries to hopefully inspire others to help these places in need. It represents how other people in less fortunate countries live to make others realize how difficult life is for them.

The idea is to represent how the lower class and higher class people are treated. People are given tickets that are designated to be either low class, provided with a meal consisting of a bowl of rice and beans, or high class consisting of pizza. People sit and discuss the challenges facing parts of the world and ways to improve conditions of living. It also consists of speakers, silent auctions and presentations, Junior, Eva Scheibe says, “It’s an engaging way to learn about the issues that are prevalent throughout the world and brings perspective to the advantage we have as americans.”

The Uganda trip is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the world for the issues that the Hunger Banquet draws attention to. Students travel to Uganda in order to help build a school, an experience that is life changing. The banquet is an interesting and interactive way to put others in the shoes of the unfortunate. A unique way to bring awareness to problems in the world, the Hunger Banquet is an event which every Ames High student should experience.