VEISHEA is a forever no-go

Serena Paulson, Managing Editor


Looking back to last spring, and the celebration of VEISHEA was cancelled for the year. Iowa State had postponed the decision on the future of the event, but they have an answer. VEISHEA is no more, due to unfortunate events in its past.

On Tuesday April 8th, 2014 riots on ISU’s campus led to cancellation of VEISHEA activities after 5 pm Wednesday. Large masses of people from a broken-up party made a difficult time for the police.

At least two cars were flipped, multiple street signs taken, and two light poles taken down, and one man was seriously injured when the light pole fell on his head.

Two of the three people arrested in conjunction with the riots were students at ISU, but out-of-towners partook as well.

Previous cases, such as in 2004, ended up with a cancellation in the next year as well, but the new termination of the festivities has been unfortunate for the university.

To reflect on why people loved VEISHEA so much, things such the mass amounts of cherry pies and the parade will be missed. The recognition of all the different and diverse colleges Iowa State has and had has been discontinued. There will be no more little children lined up on the sides of streets waiting for candy, but neither will crowds of people in mass cause mayhem for police and other Ames citizens.