The Mann Duo


Anna Ogilvie, In-Depth Editor

Getting a time when senior twins Kira and Livvi Mann aren’t busy with school, sports, work, and other activities is almost as hard as deciding which of the many Mann twin stories to share.

“What story should I tell?” “Oh man that is a good one.” “Should you publish that?…” The two go back and forth with laughter and memories.

“First off, you should know that Livvi is the one with the temper.” said Kira. “One of the first memories that I have of her is with a Christmas Blankie. There was one day where the blanket was lost and it was just a mess in the house,” continues Kira. Livvi chuckles, as she knows where the story is going.

“Then, I went into the garage and saw Livvi just sitting in the back of our family’s classic old van. She said ‘I was trying to run away… But Christmas Blankie forgot the keys and so I couldn’t hijack the van.”

“Right that’s true.” Livvi smiles. “But remember that time you were hit with a metal bat?…”

Livvi and Kira are both involved in varsity soccer, a championship iball team, and spend a lot of time together even though they both have other interests and hobbies.

“The thing that people don’t understand is that we have to live together. 24 hours is a long time to spend with anyone, especially someone who knows how to get to me,” said Kira.

Livvi admits she admires Kira’s confidence, and Kira reflects on how easy going Livvi is and how she can always make her laugh.

Next year, Kira plans on attending ISU to study design and Livvi is looking at DMACC in Ankeny with an undecided major.

“Moving away will be good for us next year,” said Livvi.

“It’ll be better for us, we are opposites. We are pretty close, so that goes against us sometimes. Getting together every once in awhile will be nice,” said Kira. “Distance is better for us. That’s not the case for most twins.”

“I agree, reuniting after months will be good,” said Livvi.

“MONTHS?! I don’t know if it’ll be that long.”

After all of that time, both of the Mann twins will be deprived of their jamming sessions in Sundance, their car, even if sharing it right now is tough. After that first break back, they will definitely take the long way home, together.