Indian Delights

Located on a corner of Dotson Dr, it lies a fantastic indian restaurant. At a first glance, it seemed a little sketchy, but the vibe changed as soon as I entered the restaurant. The quaint restaurant gives a homey vibe to it’s loyal customers that welcomed me in with open arms. The decor was comfortable, pillows line (wherever they are) authentic Indian wallpaper and paintings, topped with mellow color painted walls.

I ordered the chicken biryani dish, which is a mixed rice dish from the India. It is made with spices, rice and meat or vegetables. My chicken biryani dish was made hot, fresh and very tasty.

The chef came out to greet us as we settled to the corner of the restaurant. The wait staff and the chef were very nice and friendly. It was a very nice quite restaurant perfect for dates.

10/10 a must go