Online AP Courses


Ames High School offers a grand total of eleven AP classes. In addition to these classes, there are four AP classes offered online: AP Statistics, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Computer Science. imgresEvery year students register to take these classes through the ELP Program. Have you ever wondered what these online classes are like?


There many similarities between AP online classes and regular AP classes. They both require much effort to be successful. Students must have one study hall per day for the class. There is homework every night and student-teacher interaction online. Many students also take the AP test in May. “It is a higher-level of learning,” says sophomore Deeksha Sarda, who is currently taking AP Microeconomics. “It is a totally different subject matter than other classes, so it is definitely challenging.”


The organization of AP Online classes are different from regular AP classes, however. The courses are offered through a program called APEX Learning. It is extremely structured, with  video lessons at the beginning of every unit followed by practice assignments, graded assignments, and online quizzes. There are deadlines for each unit, but unlike regular classes, these due dates are somewhat flexible.


Students at Ames High believe there are both drawbacks and benefits in taking AP online courses. “I think it would be more engaging if we had a teacher to physically talk to,” commented Senior Jessica Moats who currently takes AP Macroeconomics. Other students mentioned that internet connection can be a problem, and that it is easy to get behind on assignments without direct supervision.


The many benefits balance the drawbacks, however. Students learn to self-learn and seek help when necessary, which is necessary for college. “The practice quizzes also give you immediate feedback and explanations for missed questions. It prepares you well for the AP test because the course is structured around the AP test,” said Jessica Moats.


Taking online AP courses requires extreme dedication. Time management and the will to succeed are crucial. It may be challenging, but the courses do pay off in the end.