PDA in the hallways, please stop!

Sam Stuve, Reporter



High School relationships are as prominent as ever right now. With that comes the one thing that annoys a lot of others students. Public Displays of Affection.

Listen, we are happy that you’re having fun dating your significant other, however it’s really antagonising. Holding hands in public is okay, I’ll accept that. On the other hand making out and other public displays are not acceptable. I see it as a way for someone who is single and wants a relationship to get upset at both of you or themselves.

In my opinion, kissing and any other physical romantic contact should be a private and if you seek to have that type of physical contact with your significant other then you should do it when it’s just you two alone with nobody else around.

I know that this is not a new trend and it has been talked about many times before. But as long PDA is prominent in our high school, I will continue to talk about this until people learn that maybe PDA in our public let alone our high school is a very bad idea.

To those students who constantly show PDA in our high school I just have to say this. Please stop!