Being expected to know what to do after high school

Being expected to know what to do after high school

Megan Hofer, Reporter


Being expected to know what to do after high school that is one of the most unfair things to put on a teenager.

Untruth :

People should have a full idea of what they are wanting to do when they leave high school. The decision that they make is extremely crucial and MUST be the right one immediately. They should know what they are supposed to do pretty early (14-16) to be completely accurate. They should have an idea of where they want to attend college by the time they are a junior in high school so that they can plan accordingly for senior year. They need to have parents that pay for their college to be able to go to the college they want to go to.


Truth :

College was designed in a way that allows anybody who changes their mind to do so effectively. College allows people with large student loans, when using a method that is continuous, to pay them off effectively. Students who are not sure if they want to go to college can take a year off between high school and the next step they will decide to take. This is also a way to make sure that they are financially stable to pay for all of the years of college. Students could also decide to do internships so that they have experience in the field they want to study.


There are a lot of expectations that are pushed on today’s youth. People must go to college and they have to know what they want to study from a young age. Yes, there are people out there that say, “Mommy, I want to be a police officer when I grow up!” and legitimately become a police officer. Most likely, though, students won’t know what they want to do until their senior year, or even later than that. They could take a general studies class if they do not know specifically what they want to do yet.  A person can only truly know what they want to do when put into work involving the subject. If someone loves math and starts taking a class to become a math teacher, they could change their mind on the job they want to use.
People do not need to know specifically what they want to do and should not be expected to.