Dandy Delaney


Sabrina Lang, Reviews Editor

Delaney Sanborn is one of those people you can sit down and after five seconds of knowing her, feel completely comfortable around her. She has a bubbly outgoing personality, yet comes off to be a very quiet person. Delaney loves cats, the color orange, coffee, and her favorite guy Jonah. Delaney participates in soccer, and over the summer had the honor of pursuing an internship at Iowa State in Chemical Engineering. “I had to apply for the internship. There were only twenty spots and about seventy people applied. I was really happy when I found out I made it. I got to conduct my own tests and stuff. It was pretty cool.”

Delaney is one of those people who you know is just going to do great things with her life. She’s down to earth and easy going.

In her free time, Delaney likes to hang out at the Vinyl Cafe and listen to local bands with friends, and hang out with her three cats. When asked what her ideal date with her boyfriend is, she replied, “I just like staying in and spending time with his little siblings. We bake a lot. I love them.” Delaney is also an artist. “I paint a lot. I draw during classes… There’s doodles all over my homework and my notes.”

Delaney’s favorite season is winter. “It’s just a magical time of year that brings people closer together.” Delaney plans on attending Iowa State to stay close to home to be with her family. When asked what advice she would give the freshman wandering the halls of Ames High, Delaney said, “If you’re taking a hard class, be sure not to slack off. Oh, and actually read the text.”

Delaney Sanborn is a kind hearted, outgoing, and crazy smart. Everyone should have a Delaney.