Getting to Know S(lacker)enior Eva Scheibe


Elizabeth Jackson, Reporter

As I write this profile on senior, Eva Scheibe, she forced me to listen to Under Pressure, a classic by David Bowie and Queen. This seems extremely fitting considering Eva Scheibe is the queen of procrastination. My first impression of Eva was junior year in Mr. Lachen’s physics class when we bonded over our love of the show Scandal, which she watched daily in his class.

Before getting to know Eva, I had always been in awe of her and slightly intimidated. Perhaps it was because of her tall stature or her ability to humble brag about her scholastic achievements. But after being around her more and more, I realized that Eva is actually very relatable and actually very hilarious.

As senior year rolled around, it seemed as though Eva had lost all motivation. But she claims she never had any motivation, and if she did it was the combination of APUSH/AP Bio sophomore year that broke her spirit. Stop complaining Eva, we all have problems.

Not only has Eva has been very successful in school but also in athletics. She gets very excited when she is able to say she is a student-athlete. Eva has been a member of the girls’ swim team for the past four years and track team for the past three. She also would like people to know she is a lifeguard at Furman Aquatic Center.

“She’s an awful lifeguard. I hate working with her.” Senior Beriah Forney claims.

 Clearly, she’s even well-liked by her peers. Eva enjoys making excuses for her slacking off at her various practices, yet visits the gym at least twice a day. Why? So she can go eat at McDonald’s afterward and not feel bad about it.

Eva has also recently become a vegan. Only because of her parents, she claims, because they cook all of her food for her so she doesn’t have much of a choice. Eva is also mostly gluten-free. She has cut out cheese, beef, and lamb from her diet. Eva is worried this makes her sound too high-maintenance, which it does.

As for her plans after graduation, Eva is planning on attending the University of Iowa to study biochemistry to fulfill her life goal as becoming a doctor. Before graduation though, Eva and her two closest friends will be having a grad party on May 7th. For more details, talk to Eva. She says everyone is invited, as long as they bring her money.

Lastly and most importantly, when asked what quote most inspires Eva, she replied;

“Whatever quote my momentum extension gives me for the day, and Jerry of parks and rec saying, “I think that comic sans always screams fun, right?”