How ordering food online has changed my life

The 4 easy steps that changed my life and has the ability to change yours too!

PC: The 4 easy steps that changed my life and has the ability to change yours too!

Tifany Chu, Opinion Editor

In today’s very irritating world, you already start the day off feeling like god is testing you. You have to get to class on time (the horror), turn homework in on time (the horror) and then deal with many underclassmen who don’t seem to understand that school hallway is not a runway. Finally, you walk into class and plant your ass down on the surprisingly warm seat. Before you know it, your stomach begins to grumble and guess who didn’t have time for breakfast this morning- Me!

Going to tumblr to look at food doesn’t do anything for my appetite. I’m always craving a little more you know? Recently, something phenomenal has been brought to my attention. Something that embodies the 21th century American. You can now order food from almost anywhere from the comfort of your own home. Online ordering allows you to take your time to really come to a firm decision on what you want to eat. Then you get to plan it and pick it up right away.

Still unclear? Let me take you through it step by step. 4th period APLAC is especially grueling for me. This AP class requires a lot of work and sometimes a girl just wants to eat:-( So, one day, I googled order food online and the results that came up, changed me. I’m a changed girl. Gone were the days I would go somewhere and wait in line. No more of my quad lunch is wasted on picking what to eat. Nowadays, I just google what I’m feeling and order online. This way, daddy can pay and I can skip the line.

PC: Apple App Store.
Even the App store is now promoting the revolutionary technology of ordering ahead.

You can literally order online from everywhere. Like pizza? Papa John’s hooks you up with some neat points. Craving some chinese? Panda’s got your back like State Farm. NOT TO MENTION, THERE ARE PHONE APPS. You don’t need your lousy computer, just exit out of the snapchat app and open the store’s app. It takes 2 mins to order food and it links right to your credit card. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED YOUR WALLET ANYMORE.

So, get with the times and start utilizing this magical service that the food industry is delving into!