Will Bill Nye save the World?


Queen Victoria, Reporter

I must admit, I had extremely high expectations when I first heard about the Bill Nye the Science Guy reboot. Some of my most treasured childhood memories are tied to Bill Nye the Science Guy, and I was terrified that this reboot would be a huge let down like Fuller House was. To my excitement, it was far from the flop I imagined.


This wonderful new series covers a wide variety of topics. Everything from global climate change (commonly, incorrectly, referred to as global warming), to crazy trending diets, to designer babies. The series did include an episode called The Sexual Spectrum, in which they try to conquer the incredible vastness of sexuality and gender identity. While I applaud their attempt at trying to explain this large topic, it simply need more than the 30 minutes they allotted.


Speaking of which, that’s about how long each episode is. Give or take a couple minutes. While this is how long an average tv show is, there is still this nagging sense that it needs to be longer. I mean, this is Netflix. I feel as though they should be at least an hour long. I know that no matter how long something is it can still be educational, but they take on some big topics. Some of these topics deserve more time.
In conclusion, this series is not half bad. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Even though it has some downfalls, it was not bad; it was quite good, in fact. I am very excited, and am impatiently waiting for the next season.