Pro-Meat eating

Pro-Meat eating

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter

I love meat, and the chances are, if you are reading this you eat meat. People have been eating meat for thousands upon thousands of years on Earth, and no one thinks that it will stop any time soon. So why do we humans eat meat? Is it because it gives us iron and vitamin B? Or is it just because it tastes good? Let’s take a look at why humans eat meat.

Now let’s look at something that most people love to eat. Let’s look at a steak. Some people say that red meat is bad for your body, but it actually gives your body lots of iron and nutrients. Red meat is able to give your body lots of protein, which helps your body grow and to have stronger bones, work harder. Steak can be difficult to cook correctly, but it is always worth it in the end. Steak is one of the best meats to have for a nice and hearty dinner in my opinion, and is able to supply your body with fantastic benefits.

Their are also lots of other types of meat that people enjoy. Some of these are things like chicken and fish. Let’s talk about fish. Fish is LOADED with important nutrients that your body needs. It has omega-3 and fatty acids, which are vital to your brain and its fluids. There are hundreds of fish that you can buy anywhere and cook with ease. All of these fish are different in their own ways but are all very good for your health. There are different types of fish like salmon and shrimp, that are completely different from each other and have different tastes and texture but all will help your body.

I have interviewed a few people in this school for their thoughts on meat, and here are their responses. “I’ve grown to love it, it’s fulfilling and utterly delicious in my opinion. You can also cook it with other healthy foods and balance it out,” said Saja Ibrahim. Saja has told me that she also thinks meat is something that she loves, and eats almost daily. I’m not saying that you should eat meat for every single meal of every single day, but the protein and other benefits that you get from eating it should make it apparent that it’s something that you should incorporate in your diet. It’s easy to cook, and can go good with almost everything. Meat has so many different benefits to you that it’s obvious why eating meat is something that people such as myself do daily.