Promposals Are Bad


Liam Struck, Reviews Editor

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The first promposal occured in 2350 BC, when the first caveman asked the first cave women by throwing a rock at her head with the message ooga ooga slathered with his blood. Ever since there’s been millions and millions of promposals all over the world. Promposals might be the oldest homo-sapien tradition, but is it too much?

On February 12th, the ameshighprom2019 Instagram was created. At the moment, we all knew it was getting time to figure out who to ask and how to ask them. On March 15th. the first promposal was posted. A panic ensued, a wave of subtle social pandemonium spread across the school like a virus. Snapchats were being opened with a new air of promiscuity and casual conversations quickly turned awkward after the topic comes up.

Here’s another problem: the pressure created by this Promposal Phenomenon has caused countless relationships that don’t mean ship. The average lifespan of pop up prom relationship lasts about 6-7 days. With some outliers, from 30 minutes after the dance ends to a divorce 30 years later after finding out your significant other only said yes for the free tickets on instagram and has been sleeping with your brother since freshman year.

Most high schoolers participate willingly or unwillingly in promposals and this has caused the trend to implode exponentially. The amount of corny, cheesed up promposals hurtling towards us is at an all time high. But how can we stop this? Simple, stop asking people to prom with signs. Just ask them. No is no ,yes is yes. No hidden packages or deals. Plain and simple.

I talked with a local junior whose name and identity have been changed for confidentiality purposes. This individual, (who we will call Pamela) fell victim to the “say yes” social norm earlier this month.

“I didn’t even want to go with him, he’s just like no plus he only asked me so I would dance with him on my bus. I think he just wants clout.” Pamela provides an insight into what exactly your last minute prom date might be thinking right now.

All jokes aside, prom shouldn’t be taken to the level it is right now. Some people plan months before prom to make it as perfect as they can but is it really worth all that effort? For one night? That’s for you to decide Ames High.