Deleting Social Media: Is It Possible Now?


Growing up and living in a digital world, as an 18-year-old, it seems like people only ever communicate with other people via Snapchat. Instead of asking for someone’s number they say “What’s your snap”. What a way to meet people. Dating culture now is awful but, that is a conversation for a different time. 


Recently I completed my college applications and am now trying to figure out how to find a roommate. While talking to my parents, they told me they got their roommate’s information randomly instead of DMing someone on Instagram or Facebook, and then *hold onto your hats* they actually called each other on the phone to try and get to know each other a bit before moving in. Somehow strangely, they still managed to not live well together. So, one might think that the way we get to know people online now, might be better right? Talking to strangers online to figure out if you want to live together for a year just seems so appealing, doesn’t it?


Well what happens if someone doesn’t have this resource to communicate with others? Recently, I made the decision to delete Snapchat from my phone. Let’s be honest, if you know me you might know my username and understand why I wouldn’t want to take that with me to college. However, that wasn’t the only reason. I hate how Snapchat has become the main source of communication between teenagers. Don’t even get me started on “streaks” or freaking out when you get left on delievered or read for hours. 


So why keep any social media and just feel free of societal standards? I asked myself this question a lot. Although I didn’t delete everything, I started with Snapchat. At first, I started to realize how many people that I do activities with that I text on Snapchat asking when to walk inside for practice or an event, *social anxiety check.* The first few days I didn’t talk much to anyone. However, after about the third day, I started actually texting people. Daily check-ins with my close friends instead of multiple snaps a day. I have to say that is much nicer and overall I feel better. I found myself having a lot lower screentime by not checking my phone every 10 seconds and I have been a lot more productive, but that might just be finals week preparation. 


Although, with having that better feeling, I find myself thinking again about how to find a roommate and what happens when I go to college. Not much will change as far as how Snapchat is used to communicate in the short time to come. As far as finding a roommate goes, I think Snapchat would in fact be a good way to get a better understanding or vibe of a person rather than just DMing each other on Instagram. Of course, the popularity of different social media platforms will change as time goes on, but will it be possible for me to keep it off of my phone for good or, is it a necessity in this digital world now? You tell me.