Deleting Social Media: Is It Possible Now?

Deleting Social Media: Is It Possible Now?

Erin Murphy, Editor, Reporter January 27, 2021

Growing up and living in a digital world, as an 18-year-old, it seems like people only ever communicate with other people via Snapchat. Instead of asking for someone’s number they say “What’s your...

Which path will you take?

What if I Took a Gap Year?

Erin Murphy, Editor, Reporter December 17, 2020

School. Then college. Work an average 9-5 job with a 2 week vacation time every year. Have a family. Retirement. Then die. Why is this the standard for life?    As a senior in high school who...

The scholarship hunt

The scholarship hunt

Kub Stevens, Co-editor in chief January 27, 2016

As seniors approach that fateful last day of high school, many are poised to continue their education at an institution of higher learning. At this late stage in the game their focus turns from being accepted...

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