Crush cansThe right way to celebrate V-Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the traditional Crush can fundraiser is underway yet again, giving the students of Ames High the perfect opportunity to do a little something special for that special someone. Every year, Student Council organizes a sale of Crush soda cans that can be purchased for any student or teacher at AHS, complete with a personalized Valentine’s Day greeting. Following the sale, Student Council members spend hours sorting and distributing the soda cans, which are delivered to their recipients during class on Valentine’s Day. “The week before Valentine’s Day, we sell the Crush cans. Then about 35 people spend three to four hours taping tags on the cans and sorting them out,” Student Council Co-president Xin Pan said. While most Student Council-organized fundraisers support various charities, the February Crush can sale is the one yearly event that supports the Student Council itself. Cans can be bought during the week before Valentine’s Day in the front lobby for 50 cents, and they are a great way to celebrate the national holiday. Pan said, “Crush cans are the perfect way to surprise your sweetheart.” The halls are always filled with excitement as Valentine’s Day approaches, and crush cans are known for brining joy to their owners. “Crush cans are magical and fluffy,” senior Kyle Thomas said. “They make you feel really good inside.”