Infinite campus

Starting this semester, Ames High will start using Infinite Campus software as a new way to keep track of students’ records. The information monitored by this program will include grades, test scores, attendance records, and behavioral comments. Infinite Campus will be replacing the Mac School program because, according to Associate Principal Mike Avise, the old program could not handle all the necessary data. However, just as it did with Mac School, Ames High will be paying a regular fee for use of the program. Avise said Infinite Campus was chosen from among several other programs after committees met to determine which program would be most beneficial to Ames High. Committees were composed of teachers and staff members, and each committee concentrated on one area of the programs, such as maintaining attendance records, creating class schedules, and keeping track of grades. Once each committee weighed the benefits and costs of each aspect of the programs, they concluded which program would be best for Ames High. With Infinite Campus, teachers and staff hope to create a website that will be easily accessible so that parents can regularly check up on students’ progress.