AHS musical features talent and boppin’ jams

The Ames High drama department has always been known for its pleasing productions, and this winter was no different. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, this year’s musical, kept Ames’ standards high. The musical is set back in biblical times, when Joseph, who is his father’s favorite son of twelve boys, can interpret dreams. Joseph also has an amazing, colorful coat, which was given to him by his father (hence the title of the play). The brothers’ jealousy leads them to sell Joseph into slavery. After a misundersatnding, Joseph is sent to jail, but he is soon discovered for his ability to interpret dreams and becomes famous. The story develops when the brothers come to Joseph (not knowing it’s him) for help after famine hits Canaan. Different from last year’s musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was completely sung. Because there was approximately 90 minutes of straight singing, the narrator part was split into two. Jennifer Compton and Tricia Stubbs shared the role of narrator. The scene “Those Canaan Days” was acted very well, and the chemistry between the brothers was brought out, too. During this scene, Reuben and his brothers are starving and depressed. The scene was a turning point in the play, because they realize that they shouldn’t have sold Joseph to slavery, that he brings the brothers together. Along with having a musical that was entirely sung, there was much more dancing throughout the show. Seniors Ginny McCalmont and Scott Mettille choreographed all the dance scenes. The biggest dancing scene was to the song “One More Angel in Heaven.” In this song, the brothers are trying to convince their father that Joseph was actually killed, not sold. The brothers and wives celebrate Joseph’s disappearance. “Scott and Ginny did an amazing job of teaching us all the choreography,” said senior Emily Morris, who played a wife in the musical. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat displayed the talent of Ames High’s students. The entire cast got into their roles and portrayed their characters very well. It was evident that the cast was enjoying themselves. “This was my first musical, and I really enjoyed it,” said Mallory Sornsen, who played Mrs. Potiphar. “Our cast gets along really well, and we just had a really good time putting the show together.”