Boppin’ jams that will get your heart thumpin’

Valentine’s Day is coming, and so is Cupid! What better way to express your love than a song? That’s exactly what these musicians thought. Take a peek at some of the best love songs of all time (in no particular order) and make a disc for your “special someone.” 1. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”- Aerosmith This song was very popular right after the movie Armageddon was released. It is fun to sing along with and has striking lyrics. 2. “Maybe I’m Amazed”- Paul McCartney “Maybe I’m Amazed” has been called the best love song of all time, many times. Paul McCartney wrote it for his wife, Linda, in the early days of their relationship. 3. “You’re Beautiful”- James Blunt James Blunt, a relatively new artist, succeeded in creating one of the best love songs of all time. The story described is so romantic: a fleeting glance at love on the subway. 4. “Belle”- Jack Johnson A short, yet beautiful song; sung in English, French, and Spanish. It describes the need for communication when there is a language barrier. 5. “Do You Remember?”- Jack Johnson The second Jack Johnson song on this list describes how he fell in love and the memories he has from when he met his wife: romanticism at its best. 6. “Last Kiss”- J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers, also performed by Pearl Jam This song pulls at heartstrings each time it is played. It has been covered by many bands, but the Pearl Jam version seems to be one of the most famous. It chronicles the car crash and death of Wilson’s lover, as well as the couple’s “Last Kiss.” 6. “Wild Thing”- The Troggs This is a classic song of longing for that “Wild Thing.” 7. “Elephant Love Medley (Moulin Rouge)”- Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman “Elephant Love Medley” is an unusual, yet wonderful, song because it takes songs from artists like Jack Nitzche, David Bowie, Dolly Parton, Elton John, John Lennon and Phil Collins, and creates one giant song that covers a vast number of current classics. 8. “Love Song For No One”- John Mayer The live versions of this song are the best because of Mayer’s commentary at the beginning of the song: “This song is about talking to the person that you haven’t even met yet, and uh, maybe they’re rolling around in the hay with someone else, but they’re not as good as you’ll be. You just gotta wait your turn- she’s out there, he’s out there- they’re just learning what to contrast you against.” 9. “Crazy Love”- Van Morrison “Crazy Love” is a mellow song about needing love and how “she” can take away pain and grief by just loving “him.” 10. “Lovely Rita”- The Beatles “Lovely Rita” is an upbeat, silly song about loving a meter maid (the person who gives out parking tickets). Honestly, who can resist a love song about a meter maid? 11. “Let’s Stay Together”- Al Green This is a great song no matter what the occasion, especially if it is to prevent a break up, because Green professes his love so soundly in this classic. 12. “Streets of Love”- The Rolling Stones Although the Stones have been around for ages, this song has not. It is off their most recent album, A Bigger Bang, which was released in Sept. 2005. 13. “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” – The Righteous Brothers Famous in its own right, and then made infamous in the memorable scene from Top Gun, this song is almost impossible not to sing along with, thanks to its catchy melody. 14. “Lay Lady Lay”- Bob Dylan This is a beautiful song that has been covered hundreds of different times by hundreds of different bands. It is about making love and persuading “her” to stay just a while longer. 15. “Sonnet”- The Verve “Sonnet” might not be considered a typical love song, but it is definitely romantic (wink, wink, Mr. Daddow). It is a very sad and melancholy song. Yet, it is beautiful nonetheless. It reflects on love, loss, and what will be.