DMACC Classes

When students received their next year scheduling information, they also received a completely new and interesting opportunity, dual credit. Dual credit has been offered by the DMACC Career Academy and will be offered at the beginning of next year. This new option will allow students to receive both high school credit and college credit for taking certain classes. These classes will be taken at the Hunziker Center, which will open next fall. The Hunziker center will be located northwest of the junction of Highway 30 and Interstate 35. The classes will take place during the school day and can be taken by any high school student willing to make the short trip. Auto collision, automotive technology, information technology, health technology, health occupations, certified nurse assistant, production engineering, mathematics for technicians, and communication skill, are some of the classes that will be offered. The last two are year long courses while the others are offered for a semester each. The benefits of dual credit classes are countless. First off, students receive both college credit and high school credit. Some other advantages of taking dual credit classes is that the student can learn skills related directly to future career choices. Also students gain many valuable career skills, and students will be able to explore career options that once seemed unlikely. Even though next year will be the first year dual credit is offered, students will be able to take full advantage of the opportunity. Many more classes will be added in the future.