Possibility of death penalty in Iowa

Thursday, Feb. 23, the Iowa House passed a bill endorsing the reinstatement of the death penalty for certain crimes involving children in Iowa. Such crimes include child kidnapping, rape, and murder. The GOP-controlled group passed the bill 12-8 in an official party vote, with Republican majority. The bill would allow the death penalty in cases where the sexual assaulter or killer can be linked to the crime. DNA evidence is meant to prevent innocent suspects from death row. Democrats argued that life in prison with no possibility of parole was a strict enough punishment for criminal cases, and that the death penalty could offer no further limitations. Democrats also said the death penalty is unethical, going against personal moral values. The future of the legislation is still in question. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal has “vowed to block any death penalty measures,” and many members of the House are undecided about whether the issue is worth debating.