Springing into break What shall you do?

The time has come. After over two months of barely any breaks, the time has finally arrived. This time is spring break, which is infamous for its memorable moments and the heartwarming memories that will last for a lifetime. Spring Break is a time in every school year when both students and staff have nine days off with which they can do whatever they want. It is a break from the stress of school and occurs not only in the United States, but also in Japan, Canada, and many other countries. While most people aren’t going to Cancun to get drunk and party 24 hours a day, many can be seen having fun in different ways. From crocheting to watching television, from sleeping late to reading books, there are many different things people of all sizes and ages can do to pass the time during Spring Break. “I’m just going to sleep a whole bunch and chill,” said junior Rob Wanzek. This is a very popular choice for spring break because when there is no school, people can wake up later in the day, and therefore sleep longer. Another important part of the equation is the “chill” factor (no, not the way a refrigerator chills milk). The “chill” factor deals with hanging out with people and just laying back and relaxing, that is the essence of chilling. Sometimes, skilled people can perform the chill and sleep, but that shouldn’t be tried unless one is sure of how to do it. There have been stories of people never waking up again after attempting the chill and sleep, so be cautious. “I’m actually going to go up to Minnesota for spring break,” junior Jennifer Compton said, “to hang out with my friend’s family.” This is a strange approach to Spring Break, but is still a fantastic way to pass the time. Hanging out with family, even if it’s with another person’s family, is a great idea. Family bonding has been around since the cavemen (probably even earlier) and is very important in keeping a healthy relationship with loved ones. In conclusion, whatever is planned for spring break, remember one thing: this is your spring break and not the spring break of someone else. You have the choice to do what you want and you can decide how you want to spend your last big break before summer.