Fashion club still fashionable

With Ames High students dressing daily in high fashion couture, this year’s fashion show put Armani and Gucci to shame. On Thursday, March 23, over 40 models walked the runway in the Ames High Fashion show Elements, sporting the creations of 13 designers, led by Fashion Club co-presidents Emily Drapal and Annie Pastiak. Each designer’s style was different, resulting in a large array of outfits, colors, and fashion styles. The annual fashion show allows Ames High students to display their designs to the public. “It’s so fun to see what people can come up for the fashion show,” junior model Sarah Brimeyer said. “The designers have so much talent. Also, modeling was a lot of fun.” Drapal said while this year’s show kept in the tradition of past fashion shows, it also showcased positive changes. “Annie and I decided not to limit the types of clothing allowed or chose a specific theme, because we didn’t want to limit the designers’ creativity or ideas,” she added. To limit the amount of stress on both the designers and the models, Drapal and Pastiak decided to limit the models to one outfit per person. In past years, models were able to model as many outfits as they wanted. “Annie and I thought that last year was too confusing with all the quick changes, so we just eliminated one more factor that causes stress,” Drapal said. The added catwalk down the center of the front section was also new from last year. During the rehearsal, the designers and the models were able to see how the outfits looked on stage, so during the actual show there were no big surprises. “Annie and I wanted the extra rehearsal day to make sure the models were comfortable walking down the catwalk, and so the designers could make fitting adjustments,” Drapal said. Another difference from last year was the lighting and backdrops. This year’s presidents wanted the fashion show to look more professional and have a modern edge. Also, the music played during the fashion show was of a more chic indie style. “I liked the randomness of the upbeat indie style and how I recognized some songs but had never heard of others,” junior Emily Falk, a model for the fashion show, said. With outfits ranging everywhere from swim wear to men’s suits, the fashion show provided entertainment and represented the high quality fashion sense of Ames High students.