First annual French Week successful

“La Semaine Française.” It has a ring to it, non? The week before Spring Break, Ames High had its very first “Semaine Française” or French Week, sponsored by Les Berets Oranges, also known as French Club. The goal of French Club’s first annual French Week was to raise enough money to sponsor a French-speaking, Haitian child for a whole year and to spread awareness about the French language and culture. “It all started with wanting to do something to ‘toot our own horn’ about France, the language, food, art, etc,” Stacy Dobernecker, a French teacher at Ames High, said. “Additionally, since the beginning of the year, we’ve thought about doing something philanthropic and the bake sale and the cafe allowed us to do that. We chose [to sponsor a child from Haiti] because it is a French-speaking nation in great need.”