Democratic Party members abusing their values

I’m really starting to get sick of a lot of the democrats. That’s probably a surprise, if you’ve been reading anything I’ve written this year. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m as far as ever from being a neo-conservative, but I’m getting sick of having to choose between pseudo-socialists and proto-fascists. Nicolai Brown, a friend of mine from the peace movement, has been sending out emails every week with photos from Iraq. He also includes pictures of U.S. politicians who continue to vote to fund the war. Among the faces I’ve seen are Russ Feingold, Ted Kennedy (who, it should be noted, has declared the war as “Bush’s Vietnam”), Tom Vilsack, and other high-profile democrats. Kerry has been included too, because of a misleading petition being circulated by Friends of John Kerry, Inc. The text of the email and the petition is all well and good, for the most part. The important part is, “I support John Kerry’s Senate resolution for a timely withdrawal from Iraq.” The misleading part is, “Furthermore, I believe we must set a May 15th deadline for the Iraqis to form an effective unity government. And, if the Iraqi politicians choose to ignore that deadline, then I believe things will only get worse and we will have no choice but to withdraw immediately.” The full text of the petition can be found at Kerry’s actual resolution reads, “United States forces shall be withdrawn from Iraq at the earliest practicable date if Iraqis fail to form a national unity government by May 15, 2006.” It seems fine at first glance, but they key word is practicable. Bush has stated that it will be the job of future presidents to withdraw from Iraq, and that we will withdraw at the earliest practicable date. Practicable as in the same practicable Kerry has in his resolution. Bush’s opponent from 2004 is pushing for the same thing Bush is: staying in Iraq for as long as they want without a timeline. The voting records of our so-called liberals in congress reveal that they’re all talk and no action. The PATRIOT act has passed again and again with democrat support. No Child Left Behind is still running rampant in our schools. Your phone calls can still be listened to. The Iraq war continues, despite two-thirds (a legal supermajority) of the nation believing that Bush isn’t handling it well, and 57% of the nation believing we made a mistake by invading. And it’s all because of the combined effort of the democrats and the republicans. Right now, both of these parties actively work together in Congress, despite what they say. Why is this? It’s because they need each other to stay in power. What would happen if abortion wasn’t being threatened? The pro-life and pro-choice voters might get informed about issues such as health care, social security, the war, and other matters that affect our daily lives. If we withdraw in 2006, the democrats won’t be able to hold it against the republicans in the mid-term elections. Why the republicans want to continue the war remains a mystery to me. Left-leaning citizens across America are being manipulated into voting for a party that continues to work against the values they hold dear, and the abuse needs to stop. If the entire Democratic Party does not change (a few good candidates here and there will not do), what we need is a third party. A party that will not only listen to what the people want, but will vote the way the people want, too. Or we could just have a revolution, that would be okay, too.