NFL draftIt’s kind of a big deal

What better way to spend two days of your life than watching big guys in suits go up to a podium? Here’s a preview of the NFL Draft: 1st pick: Houston Texans-Reggie Bush, RB-USC Usually, in most NFL Drafts we wouldn’t know the 1st pick until just barely before the draft, but this year that is definitely not the case. Late in the season, the teams with the worst records were competing with each other in what was called the “Reggie Bush Sweepstakes” and Houston won. Despite Reggie Bush’s electrifying talent as a runner, receiver, or kick returner, I think that the Texans should trade down a couple of spots and possibly get D’Brickashaw Ferguson to solidify their inept offensive line and other players that would help their team in multiple areas. Bush’s talents aren’t a great fit for the Texans; Domanick Davis has rushed for 1,000 yards in each year of his career and kick returner Jerome Mathis was a Pro-Bowler. Reports say that the Texans are trying to trade down, but with little success. If they can’t do it, oh well, looks like they will have to end up with Reggie Bush. 2nd pick: New Orleans Saints-Mario Williams, DE-N.C.ST The Saints were going to take Matt Leinart with this pick, but then they picked up free agent Drew Brees. Mario Williams, like Reggie Bush, is another case of a player too good to pass up even though he doesn’t fit the Saints’ specific needs. The Saints have two former first-rounders (Charles Grant and Will Smith) playing defensive end, but will still most probably get Mario Williams. Williams, to borrow from a NBA Draft term, is freakishly athletic. He is 6’7’’ and 295 pounds and ran the 40 in 4.66, an incredibly fast time for a man his size. He’s drawn comparisons to Julius Peppers, but the knock on him is that he’s inconsistent and not always motivated. 3rd pick: Tennessee Titans-Matt Leinart, QB-USC At this spot, the Tennessee Titans have a very tough decision between Matt Leinart and Vince Young. Both have proven themselves over the course of their college careers. Vince Young has a strong bond with current quarterback Steve McNair, while Matt Leinart was coached by the infamous Tennessee offensive coordinator Norm Chow. Although many drafts have Vince Young at this spot, I think the Titans will probably shy away from Vince Young because he has the biggest potential to become a bust. 4th pick: New York Jets-D’Brickashaw Ferguson, OT-Virginia Since the Jets are restructuring Chad Pennington’s contract and traded for Patrick Ramsey, it seems as if the Jets are not going for a quarterback with this pick. With offensive line being their biggest weakness, the obvious choice for the Jets seems to be Ferguson. 5th pick: Green Bay Packers-A.J. Hawk,LB-OSU While Packer fans would be thrilled if Mario Williams dropped this far, they should be happy with the chance to get A.J. Hawk, a player who can make an immediate impact. Plus, I hear his girlfriend’s hot. Another option at this spot is TE Vernon Davis, to replace Bubba Franks, who had a poor season. 6th pick: San Francisco 49’ers-Vernon Davis, TE-Maryland Although the 49’ers have some glaring defensive needs, Vernon Davis is just too good to pass up at this spot. He ran a 4.38 40 time and owns Maryland strength records for a tight end in bench (460), power clean (355), vertical jump (40 inches), index (797), squat (685). Michael Huff is a possibility here. 7th pick: Oakland Raiders-Jay Cutler, QB-Vanderbilt Every year there is a guy who comes out of nowhere and shoots up the draft ladder because of amazing workouts and this year it is Jay Cutler. 8th pick: Buffalo Bills-Winston Justice, OT-USC The Bills need offensive line help and Winston Justice is the man for the job. 9th pick: Detroit Lions-Michael Huff, DB-Texas They can’t pick a wide receiver for the fourth straight year, or can they? 10th pick: Arizona Cardinals-Vince Young, QB-Texas This is what you get for failing the Wonderlic. The NFL Draft is tommorow and many fans have their own opinions about the NFL Draft: Junior Michael Kraemer: “The Packers really need to trade up or trade down. A.J. Hawk really doesn’t fill any of their needs, seeing that Nick Barnett already fills the linebacker role. If Javon Walker leaves, we will need a wide receiver. In addition, we need help in the secondary, defensive line, and the offensive line specifically the guard spot.” Sophomore Drew Schlosser: “I’m mad because the Bears traded a third round pick for this guy named Williams Jr., and then he assaulted some dude at a Denny’s.” Freshman Jess Nelson: “It’s one of the only places you can see a grown man cry when he hears his name.”