Scary Movie 4still not so scary, still unnecessary

It’s only funny when someone gets hurt, or at least that’s what they say. In real life, it might not be so funny, but in Scary Movie 4 it works. Scary Movie 4 is the latest in the line of Scary Movie’s that spoof the new movies of the year. Scary Movie 4 combines the basic plot of War of the Worlds with parts of The Grudge, Saw, The Village, Brokeback Mountain, and Million Dollar Baby. Anna Faris is back as Cindy Campbell who, even through the dumb blonde exterior, always finds the answer to the world crisis facing her. She is joined by Tom Ryan (played by Craig Bierko), a father who saves his kids during an alien attack. Regina Hall returns as Cindy’s friend Brenda, despite the fact that she has been killed in every previous movie. Cindy meets Tom after she is assigned to take care of an elderly woman living in a house next door to Tom. Cindy, following a cat-like noise, finds the ghost of a small boy, who happens to be the elderly woman’s son. He tells Cindy his father knows how to stop the alien invasion. That is what sets Cindy on her quest to stop the aliens and save the world. Most of the movie consists of slapstick humor with a few memorable scenes. The introduction with Dr. Phil and Shaq set in the room from Saw proved that Dr. Phil really doesn’t know everything and sometimes even Shaq can’t make the basket. There was also a great reference to MySpace, because who doesn’t think MySpace has become a ridiculous way for high schoolers to pretend to have a million friends. The space alien “Tr-iPods” were also very creative. Like the alien ships in War of the Worlds the “Tr-iPods” have holding cages, but only those would have Chingy as a guest in the VIP section. The last scene shows Tom visiting The Oprah Show as a hero who is now in love with Cindy. It was remarkably similar to Tom Cruise’s visit to Oprah, complete with professing his love and jumping on Oprah’s yellow couch. As the next relatively unnecessary installment in the already awful Scary Movie family, Scary Movie 4 provides all the crude humor it could be expected to provide. The comedy is mediocre, but it is likely to be enjoyable if you plug your ears and gorge out your eyes. The only good part of the viewing was its short run time of 70 minutes (nonetheless excruciating). In the end, Scary Movie 4 provides its audience with exactly what its series is know for…again.