Senior Art Show. Creative. Cool. Neat. Artastic.

Every year, Ames High School seniors have a chance to show off their artwork in the Senior Art Show. Whether the participant has been in art classes all four years of high school or has just enrolled in their first recently, every senior is encouraged to participate by submitting their art work. This year, the show had about 60 senior students participate. Each student was allowed to display a maximum of eight pieces of art, whether it is photography, graphic design, painting, drawing, or computer video animation. The past week, the multipurpose room has been colored with various types of art. Students spend much of their time making their art and then preparing it for the show. For many students, this is the best, or only, chance to showcase their art; as art teacher Shelli Hassebrock said, the show is a great oppurunity for the students. “It’s extremely difficult for students to display their work for everyone to see,” she said. “Displaying my artwork felt like everyone was having eye sex with me, with their eyes,” senior Kevin Berg said. This past Sunday, April 23, awards were presented to artists whose work especially stuck out in the show. Every artist received a certificate of participation, while some received some pretty hefty amounts of cash prizes.