Changes next year less extensive than expected

Contrary to popular belief, changes for next year will not be as wide-sweeping as eliminating open lunch or open campus. In fact, according to Principal Michael McGrory, “We know it’s a concern for students, and we have been working with student council, just as we did for winter formal, and we have gotten very good recommendations.” “We have a system in place where we can get student feedback, and we don’t plan on any changes,” McGrory said. McGrory also said there are no plans to change open campus and open lunch policies for next year. Some students speculated about whether the opening of the new cafeteria would lead to an end to open lunch, but that will not happen next year. The opening of the new cafeteria did, however, free up the old cafeteria for other uses. Locker rooms have already been installed in the basement where part of the cafeteria used to be, and the rest of the cafeteria will be used as a multipurpose room. In addition, the former courtyard will be turned into a junior/senior area. McGrory encourages this transformation. “The courtyard will be a beautiful place where people go, and I’d love to see flowers or even a sculpture there. According to McGrory, the courtyards between the science hallways will also be turned into areas where students can go during passing periods or free periods. As for the talk of this year’s juniors staying in school longer next year than this year’s seniors, McGrory assured students the same rules will be applied to future seniors. Seniors are allowed to graduate five days before other students.