Student council reflects on year’s accomplishments, future goals

As the ‘05-‘06 school year winds down, the many different activities at the high school have a chance to reflect back on their accomplishments during the past year. In doing so, they set the path for years to come. Student Council is no exception. This year’s co-presidents said they think student council has made significant progress in reaching its goals this year. “Our main goals were to improve student-administration communication, to make the school a more comfortable place, to make various improvements around the school, to fulfill fund-raising expectations, and hear student voices,” student council Co-President senior Xin Pan said. “We really felt that students’ voices should be taken seriously in light of all the changes going on,” Co-President senior Katherine Thompson said. “We do have a mural going in soon and we have established a junior/senior room,” Thompson said. “We’re also in the process of installing a biweekly newsletter in the bathrooms, and yes, urinal dividers have been ordered officially, and they will be put in this summer.” Pan went on to say the fund-raising in particular has been a success. “The Hurricane Katrina Change Drive raised $1200, Crush Can sales brought in approximately $1000 dollars, and the Winter Madness fund-raising set a record at $3950.” “With Winter Madness, we were able to help several MICA families during the holiday season,” Thompson said. “I was very proud of how it came out–the school looked great, the events we put on were successful–I think it was very ‘win-win.’” However, some of student council’s plans were not as successful. “[We have] a lot of great ideas. The administration often restricts the abilities and actions of the students though, which makes it, as a whole, less successful,” student council member junior Yoni Ackerman said. “The school isn’t ready for some of the changes addressed,” Thompson said. “Student council’s Policy Committee worked very hard to collaborate with the administration on some new ideas, but I think we can improve on making sure that issues students care about do get articulated to the people who can affect those issues.” Student Council has made some progress in strengthening communication between students and the administration, however. “Katherine and I have tried to do our best to communicate student opinions with Mr. McGrory, and he now has a e-mail list of all the members of student council,” Pan said. “Also, we’ve been planning to start a series of open forums with the administration. Mr. McGrory supports it, and it’s something that will definitely improve communication.” Pan and Thompson are confident that next year’s student council will improve upon the steps taken this year. “I think changes the administration has been making are going to continue through next year,” Thompson said. “Ben and Ethan are two very outgoing and capable guys who have great ideas and a desire change Ames High for the better,” Pan said. “It should be a great year.”