Ultimate gaining popularity among AHS students

Ultimate Frisbee has been growing in popularity at Ames High. Until now it has just been a popular leisure game. A team of Ames students has changed that. While still a fun game, the Ames ToP (Towers of Power) is bringing their patented competitive edge to the game. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport similar to football because it has two end zones, and the goal is to move the disc (Frisbee) from one end of the field to the other. The major difference between ultimate and football is that it is a non-contact sport. Also there is no running with the disc. Surprisingly, the Ames ToP isn’t an underdog in Ultimate Frisbee circuit. They is currently undefeated against all other Iowa high schools. They are also ranked 17th in the nation out of 337 teams. “As 17th in the nation (out of 337) we have done better than any other Ames High athletic team ever in existence!” Senior Matt Grotheer said. In fact, the ToP recently took third in the inter-state tournament in Kansas City (hosted by Rock Hurst). There the Ames ToP beat Madison who qualified to compete in regional conference. “We’re pretty awesome,” senior Jarrett Wendt said. Frisbee isn’t just picking up speed here. Schools such as Rock Hurst High School in Kansas City even have school-sponsored teams. “It’s really paying off for them,” said senior and team captain Greg Shirbroun. “They have been dominating in all the big contests.” Other schools such as Madison (from Madison Wisconsin) have also been getting ahead in the game by having their own ultimate team. “If we really want to keep up with other teams, we need to be a school sponsored sport,” said Shirbourn. He is right. Ultimate is just growing now, and in the future it may be the next big sport. Now is the time to build an edge. “Ultimate is way better than PE,” said senior Matt Grotheer. “I’d definitely rather play ultimate.” Although the Ames ToP has one flaw; it is top heavy in seniors. Not to worry, there is still a group of juniors playing at lunch every day. It is up to them to pass on the game so that Ames doesn’t get left behind in the future. “We’re not the best but were getting better.” Junior Justin Upah said. This is an attitude approved by the aging team. “We must get interested underclassmen to continue the tradition that is starting with the Ames ToP.” Shirbroun said. “17th in the nation is amazing and don’t you, yes you want to be on a team that is ranking in the top 25 in the NATION.” There are plenty of opportunities for new players. Students interested are welcome to join the Ames High ToP Mondays and Fridays at 6:00 at the ISU towers. Also go to http://www.iowaultimate.com/dm/index.asp to join or just find out about Des Moines summer league. They bring people from all over the metro together to play ultimate. Competitive or just for fun, it is a great source of fun and exercise. As senior Matt Erickson put it “I shrug about everything … except for Ultimate!” So as we begin to close the year down, and summer comes up the question is, “I’m ultimate are you?”