Caring is cool, apathy is for losers

Do you care about stuff? I do. Caring about stuff is cool. If people didn’t care about stuff, just think about what the world would be like. Left would be right, up would be down, air would be water, the list goes on and on (George Bush would still be president (hey-o)). Luckily, people care, at least the important people, and it has made the world a better place. Caring doesn’t only make the world a better place for others, but it makes the world a better place for the one doing the caring. For example, if you happened to be in Ireland and someone said to you, “Oh dear, I seem to be a leprechaun, sadly I have too much gold at the end of the rainbow, if only there was someone who would CARE enough to take it, that would be greatly appreciated.” If you cared, you would get the gold and pretty much live happily ever after, but if you didn’t care, then a) you wouldn’t have any gold and b) you would make the leprechaun upset, which is never a good thing. Just think of how much worse life would be if you didn’t care, the results speak for themselves. Another reason why caring is a good thing is that when you care about stuff and things, people will think you are cool and will want to hang out with you in return. Fantastic clubs like 100th Green Butterfly, SHEF, Progressive Club, and Amnesty International are great places to care about things and to meet new people. Whether a person cares about recycling, famine, progressing stuff, or human rights, there is a club for you and people will appreciate you for doing it. If you are lucky, you might find someone that cares about stuff as well and you can care about stuff together. The good thing about caring about stuff at a club is that you can put it on your resume, and if college people think that you care, then you have a better chance of getting into that selective college that you want to get in to. If you didn’t care about stuff, then you probably wouldn’t even care about going to college and you would end up working at Home Depot all of your life. Even if you don’t care about stuff that’s club related, it’s always a good idea to care about other things. Caring about the people around you and caring about yourself are probably the most important things to care about, even more important than looking good on a resume. If you don’t care about yourself, then you won’t be able to maintain your hot bikini bod during the winter or you will be made fun of because you’re wearing pants as a shirt since you didn’t care enough to reverse the mistake (and you wouldn’t even write in to Teen Vogue to tell them your embarrassing story because you didn’t care in the first place). What I’m really trying to get at here is that if you don’t care about stuff you won’t have very many friends, you probably won’t get any leprechaun gold, and trees will die because of you (which you don’t want on your conscience). So care about stuff, it’s the only way to be truly happy.