Fall concerts at the M-Shop

As the aching, distasteful winter approaches, it’s difficult to keep spirits up. However, one thing may help you stay cheerful: rockin’ concerts at the M-Shop! Whether you like hardcore or country, there will surely be a band to satisfy your interests. Here is a brief preview: Teitur with Tobias Froberg, September 24, 8 pm: Teitur Lassen, or if you may, Teitur, was originally born in the Faroe Islands (Scandinavia), but began to move around Europe and America in pursuit of his career as a singer-songwriter. His debut album, Poetry and Aeroplanes, features the song “One and Only,” which has probably gained the most attention among fans. His new album Stay Under the Stars was released September 6th and is currently being promoted by him. Having been to Ames before as an opening act for John Mayer, this is your second chance to see him. Teitur’s mellow-deep voice blends in with poppy guitar chords, but don’t worry, you’ll also hear some back up drums and violins if you go! Lucero, Rocky Votolato, and William Elliot Whitmore, September 28, 8 pm: Naming themselves after the Spanish word meaning “bright star,” Lucero’s roots extend to American Southern styles. Although the country influence is distinguishable in their tunes and melodies, tiny bits of punk and alternative indie rock can be heard. This mixes well with the next act, Rocky Votolato, who is a solo songwriter/guitar player who oftentimes mumbles through his quiet, cozy pieces. Some may say Votolato sounds too much like Elliot Smith… you decide! Using even less instrumentation than Votolato, Whitmore justifies the Americana sound. He sings like a mighty gospel with as little as a few rhythmic claps in the background. Hailing from the outskirts of the Mississippi in Iowa, he manages to form dynamic harmonies and may be the final addition to sell out this concert. The Velvet Teen, October 2, 8 pm: This California band is probably one of the better punk acts to play at the M-shop. Having a bittersweet, raving sound, The Velvet Teen often reminds one of Doves. The drummer’s chimes and cowbell certainly add a strange spice to the high-pitched and choppy guitar riffs. Melodic rhythms intertwine with sappy bass and almost add a 90’s sound to the new album. Their EP entitled GysmKid of early 2006 is a good preview of a couple possible jams they may perform live. With influences ranging from electronica to experimental rock, these guys are quite a package. As you can see, this fall’s lineup is filled with great opportunities to enjoy your favorite acts. After all, attending a show or two would be more fun than staying at home and moping around the TV with a mug of hot chocolate in your hand. So, what will you do?